Pipe Relining 2” to 48” & Above for Sewer & Storm Water


Trenchless Technology for CIPP Pipe Repair and Rehabilitation

The Avrett Company has the equipment needed to clean and examine any pipe system (storm, sewage or drain piping) to identify problem areas and to find the best solution.

We have large and small cleaning equipment such as:
• vactors for cleaning and vacuuming
• smaller jetting equipment
• Invirosite rover crawler camera for small and large pipe
• Invirosite pole camera for looking long distances up a pipe without having to enter a confined space

The Avrett Company offers affordable, trenchless solutions to renew and extend the life of underground piping and drainage structures. A large number of pipes, sewers and drainage systems running under industrial plants, and cities are approaching, or have exceeded, their expected design life. The Avrett Company provides cost-effective solutions to remediate operational, health, regulatory and environmental problems resulting from aging and defective pipelines. We help our customers avoid the extraordinary expense and extreme disruption that can result from traditional "dig and replace" methods.

Our CIPP lining for pipe restoration is made in the United States and was developed to bring the industry a pipe liner product that is strong, durable, cost competitive and environmentally friendly. Our fiberglass LightStream UV™ cured pipe liner in conjunction with our Light Train curing system is superior for pipe restoration rather than replacement. Pipe relining on broken main sewer pipes makes more sense than replacing exisiting pipe. More

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